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We offer expert services of website redesign in Dubai and Worldwide. You can benefit from our web redesign Dubai services if you are not getting the results you desire from current website. Relax now! We are here to apply technological advancements to your website in order to update your website functionality, look and content, and to make sure more conversions.
We provide the complete website redesign solutions to enhance website traffic and boost sales and ranking. We have all custom services enabling us to serve you absolutely as per your business vision, mission and goals and to communicate your message and your products/services very efficiently to your target audience.

Website Redesign

Assurance of Redesign Website Without Losing SEO by Our Experts

We redesign a website without affecting SEO. There is a misconception that SEO only needs to be done one time, but this is absolutely wrong. We alter numerous fractions while redesigning process such as code and pages. Of course, their improper handling can negatively affect your website’s SEO hindering the site’s long-term growth. If done correctly, redesigning process for your website will ultimately make your SEO strong.
How we redesign website without losing SEO? We work with web redesign Dubai experts who start redesigning step-by-step. At first, they list all pages from the old website and start redesigning process on a temporary URL. Secondly, they test the new website by copying the existing website into the new one. Doing 301 redirects between old and new URLs is the next step. Once design and redirection are finalized, our experts switch to the new website, and then check verification status and re-submit. They then, because of modified structure of the website, submit the website XML to search engine. Now, you can see your website in the coming hours. Finally, website’s potential growth is monitored.

Wondering How Much a Redesign Website Cost?

Your website redesign cost depends upon the project scope you’re looking for. However, you can trust our expert and honest team of website redesign in Dubai with everything, whether you are an individual, a small enterprise or you have a larger-scale business. We cater to all your redesigning needs including homepage redesign and website maintenance. Digital Graphiks is a reliable, award-winning website redesign services provider operating with a connoisseur team of highly qualified and skilled digital designers who redesign and build mobile-friendly websites that escalate leads, ensure more conversions, drive sales growth, optimize marketing costs, and differentiate brands in the industry.
When you leave, you have to pay a considerably high amount of hidden money. But here, once your website is redesigned, it’s 100% yours. And we charge absolutely reasonable, the cost you cannot even imagine!

Make Sure Fresh Identity for Your Online Brand

Now, you can give your website or online brand an absolutely new and fresh identity to engage your target market and to ensure a strong competitive advantage over your competitors. If you have an outdated website, it then simply implies that you have zero traffic and you will never meet your marketing goals.
You simply need to let us work on your web redesign project as we have an extensive range of website redesigning services including SMM, SEO, and SEM services.


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